Jussi Pekonen

Back in writing "business"

Posted on Saturday September 5, 2020

It has been almost 4 years since the last blog post on this site. Though I have had many, many plans for this site, I have not had time to do any of those. I have just been way too “busy”, thanks to life throwing a couple of things at me and squeezing my limited free time to even smaller than before.

But, I am back. And with a thing I teased about almost 20 months ago. Yes, I have now a blog for software things! As the first software blog post, I write how to write safe, re-usable, and testable Bash code. There is also a new RSS feed for the posts on that part of this site. The posts are also included in the main RSS feed, so if you want to get everything I write, feel free to subscribe to that feed. You don’t have to though, in the end I don’t give a damn how many users are subscribing to my feeds.

So, will this “regular” blog be abandoned after this change? No, not at all. I just wanted to have a separate section of the site for software things so that I can keep the Blog for other, more generic things and observations of the surrounding world.

Tags: Website, Blogging, Software